samedi 1 août 2015

Derrick Harriott - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys (Jamaica, 1982, Crystal Records)


Great cover of this classic song from Eddy Grant and his Equals by Derrick Harriott, my favourite rocksteady artist !

Derrick Clinton Harriott, born on the 6 February 1939 in Jamaica, is a singer and record producer, who founded the famous Crystal Records Label.

This version sums up the Jamaican producing skills, mixing together disco, dub and roots music, and is for me a direct answer to the song Disco Devil, by Lee Perry.

Derrick Harriot - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys

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mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Phany Agboton Et Ses Satellitles - Allabiaboukata (Benin, 1977, Satel Records)

Hi dear readers !

For this time, let's travel to Benin Again, with a great psychedelic Afrobeat mental track, with huge organ parts, by Phany Agboton accompanied by "Les Satellites" Orchestra !

Phany Agboton et Les Satellites - Allabiaboukata



lundi 27 juillet 2015

Smail Chaoui - Ya Habib (Algeria, 197?, Oasis)

Smail Salhi, aka Smail Chaoui, is an Algerian singer, born in 1946 in Ain M'lila.

He began his musical career very early, and released a couple of 7 inches on Oasis, the great Algerian record label.

Later, he decided to quit music, and made a successful career in hotels and tourism.

Smail Chaoui - Ya Habib


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dimanche 26 juillet 2015

Le Kene Star de Sikasso - Fitiriwale (Mali, 1977, Mali Kunkan)


Le Kene Star de Sikasso was one of the regional Malian Orchestras (such as "L'Orchestre Kanaga de Mopti" or "L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa des Kayes") back in the 70's.

The group was composed, among others, by François Ballo, Mamadou Touré, Mamadou Diakité and Cheick Sadibou Diabaté, former members of "L'Orchestre Regional de Sikasso", who released one album in 1970.

The track I've selected, Fitiriwale, is taken from their 1977 album, released in France thanks to the mythical "Kiosque d'Orphée" label.

This song is about wedding, and the ingratitude of the husbands towards their former wife and the good things they did for them.

Le Kene Star de Sikasso - Fitiriwale


If you're into Malian sound, you can check here (and download !) a Malian selection I did in 2013 !

Have a really nice sunday,


samedi 25 juillet 2015

David Calvet et les Elus (Congo, 1978, Pathé EMI)


Nice Afro Latin Fusion track from Congo (Brazzaville), with fresh and fuzzy electric guitars to begin this sunny saturday !

"Les Elus" was a Congolese band, lead by David Calvet Voutoukoulou, a guitarist who recorded 3 albums and who also played with the "Les Ombres de Brazzaville" and "Bayembi" in the early 70's.

David Calvet et les Elus - Mea Katu



lundi 13 juillet 2015

Elias Rahbani - Dance Of Maria (Lebanon, 1972, Parlophone Voix de L'Orient Series)


Elias Rahbani, from Lebanon, is the youngest of the three Rahbani Brothers, well known for their contribution to the Lebanese - and more, Oriental - music scene.

His two older brothers, Assi and Mansour Rahbani, also known as "The Rahbani Brothers" (which Elias wasn't be part of) were composers and songwriters, famous for their work with the Lebanese Diva, Faiyrouz (which was the wife of Assi).

Elias composed of over 700 songs, both in Eastern and Western styles.

This album, "Mosaic of The Orient", is considered by many as Elias best album, a very eclectic instrumental record, with some psychedelic organ and bouzouk parts, oriental jazz and hip hoppy beats.

The cover art is designed by Nabil Mourani, who designed my favourite Oriental record covers (Remember Babylon Mood by Munir Bachir ? That was him also !).

Elias Rahbani - Dance Of Maria

Have a nice monday,


dimanche 12 juillet 2015

Belles Combo - Misik A Nou (Dominica, 1977, A3 Productions)


First album of this band from the Dominica Island in the Carribean, this record is full of winner tracks in many genre, as specified on the cover (Candence, Calypso, Reggae..).

"Misik A Nou" is a killer Cadence track, with killer horns and drums.

Serve yourself a glass of punch, put on your best shirt, and enjoy the party !

Belles Combo - Misik A Nou