dimanche 29 mars 2015

Rax Saba Tha Inc - Seventh Combination (Ghana, 1977, Awoko records)



This time we move to Ghana, with a very unique and hard to find record from "Rax Saba Tha Inc" band, out in 1977 on the Awoko record label (All the LP's I have on this label are great !).

I decided to make you discover "Seventh Combination", a slow spiritual afrobeat track, hope you'll like it !

Rax Saba Tha Inc - Seventh Combination

All the best,


Nutchanad Nuntana - Rusputin kaownaew (Thailand, Release date unknown, Aur Ari)

Hi everyone !

For this article we stay in the sweet Land of Smile, with a quite special song, out one of my favourite Thai record label, Aur Ari. 

Hope you will recognize the cheesy cover of this famous European Song !!

Nutchanad Nuntana - Rusputin kaownaew

All the best,


samedi 21 mars 2015

Unknown Thai Artist - Unknown Thai Song


Hi everyone !

I don't known the artist, I don't know the title of this track (help is welcome !), but this track is sooo good ! This is one of the LP's I've brought back from my last Thai trip, hope you will like it !

??? - ???

All the best,


lundi 16 mars 2015

New Selection : Au Temps des Biguines // A Selection of early Biguines, Merengues and Boleros from the French West Indies


Hi Dear readers !

I'm proud to present you my 28th selection ! Ten early Buiguines, Merengues and Boleros songs, from the French West Indies.

Those tracks are taken from some quite hard to find seven inches of my personal collection, hope you'll like them !

Armand de Preseau - Au Temps des Biguines

You can download this new selection right here (as usual, right clic, "save as").

Enjoy, and get ready for the next selection..


jeudi 12 mars 2015

Bongos Ikwue - You Messed Things Up (Nigeria, 1976, ARC)

I dear readers !

Just a short article between two selections ! I'm actually preparing two selections, an Oriental one and another of oldschool jazz biguines 7 inches records from French West Indies ! Hope you liked my Thai selection !

But for now, the track I wanted to present is taken from the first album from Bongos Ikwue, the well known Nigerian singer !

This LP is highly recommended, a mixture of Folk, Funky and Groovy tracks !

Bongos Ikwue - You Messed Things Up

 Sincerely yours,


lundi 23 février 2015

New Selection - Thailand Grooves

Hi dear readers !

As promised, here is my new selection, 9 7inches brought back from my recent 2 weeks trip to Thailand ! Isan, Molam, Luk Thung and Folk Tunes, hope you'll like this deep selection !

This is my Third Selection of Thai records, always the same pleasure, hope this is the same for you !

Armand de Preseau - Thailand Grooves

You can download the Selection here (As usual, right clic, "save as")

Sorry, no tracklist this time, hope you'll understand why- But music doesn't need a name to groove..

I will be back soon with a special selection !

Sincerely yours,


dimanche 15 février 2015

William Onyeabor - Something you will never forget (Nigeria, 1978, Wilfilms Records)

"A Tragedy Of How An African Princess Rejects The Love That Money Buys"

Hi Everyone !

Sorry for the delay, I just came back from Thailand yesterday evening ! Found around dope 80 records there, listenend more than 2000 records.. I'm preparing right now a new Thai selection !

I selected for today a track from the great William Onyeabor, from Enugu, Nigeria.

Mr Onyabor was a very prolific composer and producer (9 records between 1977 and 1985), owner of the Wilfilms records label and who had his own record pressing plant.

Secret USSR agent, Businessman that became billionaire working in oil or movie producer, no one could say who is exactly William Onyeabor..

This song is taken from the first LP of Mr Onyeabor, originally out in 1977. Actually 2 versions of this LP exist, because it was "remixed" later in a more electronic way, with synths and drummachines.

 I decided to present you "Something you'll never forget", a groovy and catchy funky track taken from the 2nd version of his first LP, hope you'll like it !

William Onyeabor - Something You Will Never Forget

Take care,