mercredi 27 janvier 2016

EBAY SALES !!! (Bill Loko, Los Camaroes, Ali Farka Toure, BLO, Bongos Ikwue, Amadou Balake, William Onyeabor, Wrinkar Experience..)

I'm selling on ebay, under the name "nangaboko-records" some African record taken from my personnal collection (some of those records are on the blog !).

Bill Loko, Ali Farka Toure, BLO, Bongos Ikwue, Amadou Balake, William Onyeabor, The Wrinkar Experience, Los Camaroes, records from all around Africa : Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo !!

First sales are ending tomorrow, thursday the 28th in 21h, don't hesitate to have a look !!

I will be listing some records each day, please follow my sells if you are interested in !!!

After African records, I will put some Oriental records, some Arabic funk records and some French groovy records !!

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lundi 25 janvier 2016

Vincent Ahehehinou et l'Orchestre Poly Rythmo - Y a Pas Moyen (Benin, 197?, Albarika Store)


Super dope Voodoun Afrobeat track by Vincent Ahehehinnou and l'Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou, Benin, that we don't need to introduce you anymore !

Vincent Ahehehinnou et l'Orchestre Poly Rythmo - Y a Pas Moyen


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dimanche 17 janvier 2016

CK Mann Big Band - Fa Wakoma Mam (Ghana, 1976 , Essiebons)

C.K. Mann Big Band was one of the most popular and important Ghanaian band at the time, leaded by Charles Kofi Amankwaa Mann, who released many 7 inches and LP's from the 60's to the late 80's.

This album is my favourite, bringing together 4 outstanding talents : Oscar Sulley, Ebo Taylor, Papa Kofi Yankson and C.K. Mann).

I decided to make you discover my favourite track of the band, a melancholic Highlife ballad, "Fa Wakoma Band".

CK Mann Big Band - Fa Wakoma Mam

Have really nice Sunday evening,


mercredi 6 janvier 2016

Ahmed Malek - Hassan Terro (Algeria, 1978, Ministere de l'Information et de la Culture Algérienne)


Ahmed Malek, born in 1931 in Bordj El Kiffan (Algeria) was one of the most prolific Algerian musician and movie score composer.

He composed soundtracks for a dozen and dozen of movies (Les Vacances de l'Inspecteur Tahar, Omar Gatlato, Aziza..), of TV shows and documentaries.

He died in 2008 in Bordj El Kiffan.

I decided to make you discover one of my favourite tracks from him, composed in 1967 for the movie "Hassan Terro", directed by the film maker Mohamed Lakhdar Hamina.

You'll understand why Ahmed Malek was nicknammed "The Algerian Ennio Morricone" !

Ahmed Maled - Hassen Terro

This excellent compilation was recorded at Studios de la Radiodiffusion Télévision Algérienne.

As a big bonus, here is another track of this compilation !

Ahmed Malek - Mystery Track

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This article is for you, Allaoua

mardi 5 janvier 2016

Dan Ian and his Spades - She's A Monarch (Nigeria, 1976, Go Gay Records)


Happy New Year to everyone !!! Wish you the best !!

It's been a long time without any articles but, now, I'm back for your ears only !

Let's begin this new year with a Nigerian living legend, Dan Ian !

Born in the village of Umuezeawala in the early 50's, Dan Ian Mbaezue is a guitarist and a singer, who began his musical career in the early 60's.

He played in many well known Nigerian bands, such as The Wings, Wrinkar Experience and with other big names (Sonny Okosun..).

He recorded many singles, and a few albums through the 70's and 3 LP's with his own band, Dan Ian Spades.

He still lives today in his village.

I decided to make you discover "She's a Monarch", one of the songs taken from of his third album, accompanied by The Friimen Musik Coy, a very cool Afro Rock track !! 

Dan Ian and his Spades - She's A Monarch

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dimanche 13 décembre 2015

Maravillas de Mali - Chez Fatimata (Mali, 1968, Disco Stock)

In 1964, a group of 7 students originated from Mali travelled to Cuba, to receive a musical training at the Alejandro Garcia Catura de la Havane conservatory, and to study there.

In July 1965, they created a band, "Les Maravillas de Mali", and began to perform in La Havane and, more, all over Cuba (Victoria de las Tunas, Camaguey, Las Villas..).

This song, "Chez Fatimata" is taken from their first album, full of Boogaloos, Montunos, Guarachas and Boleros and recorded in 1968 in La Havane.

A very sweet and interesting album, that perfectly shows the African knowledge in Latin music, and so early in African recording music history !! Enjoy !!

Maravilles de Mali - Chez Fatimata

Have a nice sunday evening,


dimanche 6 décembre 2015

Mary Afi Usuah and the SES Cultural Centre Band - Ima Mma Nyem (Nigeria, 1975, SESCULT)

Mary Affiong - Afi - Usuah is originating from Oron, a town near Calabar, in south east of Nigeria.

Considered as one of Nigeria's best divas, Mary studied Opera in a prestigious music conservatory in Rome the 60's.

She released a few 7 inches there, and came back to Nigeria in the early 70's and continued to play and record music.

The track presented here, "Ima Ma Nyem", is taken from the album she recorded in 1975 with the famous trumpeter Daniel ‘Satch’ Asuquo from the Atomic 8, and with the South Eastern State Cultural Centre Band of Nigeria.

It was produced in very small quantities by the State, and is really, really hard to find in any condition.

Im really, really proud to present you this sublime album, loaded of spitirual Afrobeat and mental Jazz tracks, hope you'll like it !
Mary Afi Usuah and the South Eastern State Cultural Centre Band - Ima Mma Nyem

As a tip to this article, I compiled also one track of her other album from 1978 in one of my former selection here, have a look !

Best regards,