jeudi 23 décembre 2010

The Blue Notes feat Frankie Zhivago - At the Balmoral Beach Hotel

Here comes "The Blue Notes at The Fabulous Balmoral Beach Hotel", the band were Frankie Zhivago used to play with, very hard to find Lp. The Blue Notes released 3 Lp together. Members of the band were :

Godfrey Deveaux
Lawrence Rolle
Gary Davis
Marvin Henfield
Frankie Zhivago
Ralph Munnings (Remember Funky Nassau ?)
Eric Bullar

This Lp was released on a small private Label : Proctor and Blue Records. Here comes the first song of the Lp : Flying High, track that probably may have inspired Frankie Young later for his little gem "The Age of Flying High" I talked about earlier.

Bonne écoute !


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