lundi 9 avril 2012

Leon Keita - Papa Disco Records

Today, i decided to make you discover two records the great Leon Keita (a Malian singer, compositor and author not to be confused with Salif Keita) released on a private Abdijan based label (his own actually), Papa Disco.

The first album he released in 1978 on Papa Disco, also called "Papa Disco', contains two tracks, "Koma Kouma" and "Wousse", that are sung by the great Salif Keita. This record contains a nice ballad sung in french, "Chacun a sa vie".

Leon released a few years later his second record, Dakan, that contains an interesting track, "L'amour ne s'achete pas" ; interesting because it begins like a traditional Malian track, but the rhythm totally change at 2min30, to become a furious afro funk track, with a wiiild organ - Enjoy !

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