samedi 14 juillet 2012

Egypt : A Holliday Souvenir (feat Salah Ragab)

Hi dear readers !

For this new article, I decided to present to you a very nice Egyptian compilation from various artists : Egypt - a holliday souvenir.

This record pressed in Greece and issued in the 1970's on the EMI label was offered to tourists visiting the mystic country of Egypt.

All the tracks on this LP are winners, and it contains one astonishing tune, "Amber of the Nile", from Salah Ragab (or Rageb), an Egyptian Jazz Player.

This tune is actually a different version of his well known track, "Egypt Strut", that exists only on this compilation (and that is faaar better according to me), a mixture of Funk, Jazz and Oriental Groove.

Salah Ragab - Amber of the Nile

Here are some pictures on the inside parts of the gatefold cover, that show several famous historical places around the Nile to be visited by tourists.

As a tip, another track (the last one) taken from this record by Karim Shukry, an Egyptian crooner (my favourite song of the LP !)

Karim Shukry - Take me Back to Cairo

Enjoy !

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