samedi 6 octobre 2012

The Super Eagles Of Gambia - Love Is A Real Thing

"The Super Eagles" was a band of 8 Gambian & Senegalese musicians that joined together in 1967. They recorded a few LP on the English label DECCA (Gambia is an ancient British colony, Senegal is an ancient French colony and, more in the in the past, Senegal and Gambia formed only one country but the story is what it is..).

More, they recorded a few 7 inches (I know only 2 of them) on a tiny Ghanaian label, "Ghana Film", maybe i'll share them later.

I decided to make you discover one beautiful track taken from their first LP, recorded during an tour of England, "Love Is A Real Thing". Nothing to add, the instrumentation, the voices, everything seems just as it should be in this track, perfect.

This one is for my beloved Soum.

The Super Eagles of Gambia - Love Is A Real Thing




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