vendredi 7 février 2014

New Selection of the Week - Loin du Congo (Far From Congo), featuring Franco, Orchestre Cobantou, OK Jazz, African Fiesta, Roi Champro, Orchestre Mabatalai, MBT's..

L'Orchestre OK Jazz, lead by the great Franco (1960)

Hi Dear readers !

Hope that everything is ok and that you enjoyed the last Beninese Selection ! This week we travel to the Congoes (Congo Kinshasa / Congo Brazzaville).

Just Three Words : To Kumisa Congo ! (10 000 CFA Francs for the one who will manage to translate this !)

Armand de Preseau - Loin du Congo (Far from Congo)

You can download this selection here (as usual, right clic, "save as")





See you in next Sunday for another selection of Oriental Mystic sounds, or maybe for another (that would be the third !) Cameroonese selection.. We'll see !


Sincerely yours,


3 commentaires:

  1. your blog is amazing! keep digging'
    I think "To Kumisa Congo" means " Celebrate Congo" ;)

  2. Hello! I try to download but there is a screen that says I have to give my phone number! I don't want to do this... Is there any other way to download your nice music? Cheers!!!

    1. hello Armand, if you have time could you record Vision track of National Du Congo LP? my copy has scratch and that hurts