dimanche 25 octobre 2015

Orchestre Les Sympathics de Porto Novo - Benin To (Benin, 1978, Albarika Store)


The Orchestra "Les Sympathics de Porto-Novo" was a band created in 1972 in Porto-Novo, Benin, by Herman F. Laleye, the former leader of the very well known "Black Dragons Orchestra".

They recorded a few LP in the 70's (three as far as I know), and also backed other artists such as Singer Nahounou (Amédée Pierre).

The band was composed by :

Herman Laleye : Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Armand Pognon : Lead Guitar
Jean Apithy : Bass Guitar
Camille Zannou : Organ
Bonheur Gangbo : Vocals
Georges d'Assomption : Tumbas
Olivier Boke : Tumbas
Marc Laleye : Drums
Epiphane Zinsou : Drums

 This LP was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria, at the mythical EMI Studios, and was engineered by Mister Ayo and Mister Kayode Salami, great names of the Nigerian musical scene at the time.

I decided to make you discover "Benin To", a splendid slow Afrobeat and Sato Vodoun rhythm song !

Orchestre Les Sympathics de Porto-Novo - Benin To



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