dimanche 5 mars 2017

Samba Mascott - Mwana Angola (Congo, 1976, Sonafric)

Joseph Samba "Mascott" Mayanguila was a Congolese singer, born the 15 of August 1943 in the country of Loumou (Republic of Congo).

He played in several famous national orchestras such as "Les Bantous de la Capitale" (former musicians from Orchestre TP OK Jazz and Orchestre Rock-a-Mambo) or "Orchestre National du Congo" (read this article for more informations), and also released a few singles and albums by himself.

He died the 10 of April 1991 in Brazzaville, at the age of 48.

I selected for you "Mwana Angola", a deep acoustic track track he released in 1976 on a Congolese compilation destinate to promote the Samay record Edition.

Samba Mascott - Mwana Angola


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