dimanche 14 décembre 2014

Charles Rodriguez And The African Revolution - L'amour Ne S'achete Pas

Good Evening everyone !

Today I want to make you (re)discover an obscure 7inches from a Beninese artist : Charles Rodriguez.

Charles Rodriguez, an organ player, used to play at the time with several well known Beninese musical groups, such as "Ignace de Souza and the Black Santiagos" or "El Rego et ses commandos".

He recorded only 4 tracks, and "L'amour ne s'achète pas" (you can't buy love) is one of them. In this song, Charles tells prostitutes to stop drinking and selling their body, they are wasting their lives this way.

Strangely, this single has the "DECCA" cover, but was pressed specialy for an Nigerian music shop based in Lagos called "Alofty" in August 73 - Enjoy !

Charles Rodriguez and The African Revolution - L'amour Ne S'achete Pas

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