lundi 29 décembre 2014

Francis The Great Mbarga - Ravissante Baby (Cameroonese Afro Disco Fusion)

Hi Everyone !

This week I decided to make a very special article on a Cameroonese artist, Francis "The Great" Mbarga, who released two Afro Disco records in 1977 ("Ravissante Baby") and in 1978 ("Crazy Tube"), at the age of 7.

Those two records were released on his father's label, "Cinafric Contacts", when the Mbarga family lived in Paris (France).

I decided to make you (re)discover one song taken from his first record, "Look Up In The Sky", an epic 13 minutes long afro disco track sung in English and French by the Mbarga kid, with some pychedelic synth moments - Enjoy !!

Francis The Great - Look Up In The Sky


Also, I had the greeeat chance to meet Mr. Mbarga ! So, as a BIG Bonus, here is the 45min long interview (sorry, it's in French..) I had with this great, interesting, nice, funny, natural and sincere man.

Thanks for all !!


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