samedi 5 mars 2016

Les Abranis - Chenar Le Blues (Algeria, 1977, Disques Bordj El Phen)


Originated from Algerian Kabylie (Algeria), "Les Abranis" was one of the first Rock band from Algeria.

The group was founded in 1967 by Sid Mohand Tahar, aka Karim Abranis, singer and bassist, and was originally composed by :

- Karim Abranis : Singer, Bass
- Samir Chabane - Singer
- Madi Mahdi : Guitar
- Shamy El Baz : Organ

The group splitted in 1975, and Samir and Madi founded another Algerian band.

Recorded in 1977, the track presented here, "Chenar Le Blues", is my favourite from the band, splendid Fuzzy Rock ballad sung in Arab, with good organ and drums parts !

Les Abranis - Chenar Le Blues

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