samedi 2 avril 2016

Colomach - Sweet Sounds From Colomachi (Nigeria, 1974, EMI NIGERIA)


Out in 1974 on the mythical "EMI Nigeria" record label, this album is the one-and-only from the band Colomach, led by the Togolese Gneni Mamadou.

This is one of my favourite Nigerian albums, because this band didn't try to copy American Funk ; it includes 10 tracks from very different musical genres, from deep traditionnal Sahel sounds to Fuzzy Zambian Afro Rock Style !!

I decided to present you my favourite track from the album, may you bewitched by this beautiful Sahelian flute !

Colomach - Sweet Sounds From Colomachi

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  1. très bon post comme a tes habitudes que des �� bravo armand .