mercredi 30 juin 2010

Malcolm's Locks - Get up Stand up / Motherless Child

Great Cover of the Bob Marley classic. This 7' is taken from the Lp titled Carribean Rock. This record was apparently produced in Germany, don't know if the Band was German or Carribean. The leader is Malcolm Nagron - Enjoy !

The Carribean Gay Torpedoes - Tropical Fever part 1 & 2

A side of a great 7' from The Caribean Gay Torpedoes, a Band from the Tropical Breeze hotel, a luxury Beach resort in the little island of St Vincent (the same island that brought us the infamous band that is the St Vincent Latinaires Orchestra).

They released a great LP on EDMAR records and a few 7' on Charlie's records (remember Charlies Roots ; ) ? ), i'll upload them one day pour votre bon plaisir !

"The gay Torpedos performing every night at the Tropical Breeze Night club"


Jambalasie - Jab jab / Soucouyant ball of fire

Here come another island hit from the well-known "Straker's recording" label ruled by Granville Straker, famous producer from The Bermuda. This this the A-side of a 7' from Scipio Sargeant and his afroband, Jambalasie.

Blue Rhythm Combo - Get Down / Bcr's groove

This 7' contains a famous track from The Blue Rhythm Combo, Get Down, massive funky island tune - this record is actually a 2005 repress, but quite hard to find too ! This little gem was originally released on Merrydisc records, Barbados.

Free Soil - Disco Sokah / Theme from Rocky

To begin, here comes an amazing track, recorded in Ontario, of an amazing 7' from Free Soil, an unknown Band from Barbados - the B side is a killer funky tune too - Enjoy !