dimanche 28 août 2016

Okyerema Asante - Sabi (Ghana, 1980, Atumpan records)

Isaac Okyerema Asante was a Percussionist, born the 16th of June 1949 in Koforidua (Ghana).
He recorded a few albums in Ghana and in the United States, and was a member of the famous "Oneness of Juju band", that did many concerts in America.
I decided to make you discover "Sabi", a 14min long Afro Boogie track on which Okyerema plays the drums and sings - enjoy !

Okyerema Asante - Sabi

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jeudi 25 août 2016

Mamo Lagbema - Raogo (Togo, 197?, Editions Fazao)

Following to that post, I wanted to present you another song from Mamo Lagbema, an artist from Togo who I really like.

"Raogo", the song presented here, is an amazing fusion Afro fusion track with beautiful horns is taken from his second LP - Enjoy !!

Mamo Lagbema - Raogo

See you soon, 


mercredi 24 août 2016

Gerard Nerplat - Prix A Pain La (Guadeloupe, 197?, Univers Disques)

Gerard Nerplat is a singer and composer from the French Guadeloupe island who released a few records since the 70's, full of spiritual biguines and Gwoka tracks. He's accompanied on his albums by his brother Michel Nerplat on the Saxophone.

Although he released a few albums, he is one of my favourite Guadeloupean artists. I decided to present you "Prix A Pain La", a deep spiritual Gwoka biguine masterpiece that criticizes the cost of living increase in Guadeloupe.

Gerard Nerplat - Prix A Pain La

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lundi 15 août 2016

Segun Bucknor's Revolution - Who Say I Tire (Nigeria, 1972, Polydor Nigeria)

Small update today, with this devastating early 70's Afrobeat single from the Nigerian musican Segun Bucknor !

Segun Bucknor's Revolution - Who Say I Tire

Sincerely yours,