mardi 18 août 2015

Idrissa Soumaoro et l'eclipse de l'I.J.A - Nissodia (Mali, 1978, Eterna)

Legendary Malian record out in 1978 on ETERNA, a German based label from Idrissa Soumaoro and a German association, "L'Eclipse de l'Institut des Jeunes Aveugles" (Blind teenagers institute).

This record was produced at the time by the German association that took care of blind Malian teenagers in Bamako, and it was never properly released commercially.

This is the first record on which were revealed three future huge names of the Malian music : Idrissa Soumaoro, Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia (who got married together later, but that's another story..).

Idrissa Soumaoro et l'Eclipse de l'I.J.A - Nissodia

All the best, 


lundi 10 août 2015

Omar Khorshid - Beyni Ou Beynak (Lebanon, 1978, Voice Of Lebanon)


Favourite cover by the great Omar Khorshid of this all time Oriental classic tune, composed by the Rahbani Brothers, Beyni Ou Beynak (Me and You) is a very sweet and quiet ballad, with electric guitar, piano and mind-blowing organ parts - Close your eyes...

Omar Khorshid - Beyni Ou Beynak

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jeudi 6 août 2015

Question Mark - Love (Nigeria, 1976, EMI Nigeria)

Composed by 5 musicians, Question Mark (or "The Questions") was a psychedelic Nigerian band that recorded their one and only album in 1976.

The Band was composed of 5 musicians :

Frank Izuora : Lead vocals and organ
Amehl Izuora : Bass guitar
Chyke Okafor : Drums
Uzo Agulefo : Percussion
Victor Egbe : Lead guitar

Their album is full of winner tracks, and I decided to make you discover "Love", my favourite one, a hip hoppy reggae track with awesome drums and wonderful psychedelic electric guitar parts.

Question Mark - Love

With Love,


samedi 1 août 2015

Derrick Harriott - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys (Jamaica, 1982, Crystal Records)


Great cover of this classic song from Eddy Grant and his Equals by Derrick Harriott, my favourite rocksteady artist !

Derrick Clinton Harriott, born on the 6 February 1939 in Jamaica, is a singer and record producer, who founded the famous Crystal Records Label.

This version sums up the Jamaican producing skills, mixing together disco, dub and roots music, and is for me a direct answer to the song Disco Devil, by Lee Perry.

Derrick Harriot - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys

All the best,