lundi 30 novembre 2015

Mamo Lagbema - Love Music and Dance (Togo, 197?, Mamo Disque)

Mamo Lagbema was a Togolese singer, who released only a few records on his private own label.

The track presented here is one of his hits, a bouncy Afro Disco track, recorded with L'Orchestre BSA !!!

Mamo Lagbema - Love Music and Dance


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dimanche 29 novembre 2015

Live Afro Funk, Disco and Psych Bangers Mix for Le Mellotron Radio !!!

Good Evening everyone !

Here is the link to listen and download the Momo's Music List 8, for the Mellotron Show, for which I've been invited in by my good friend Yamani Dazi one week ago :

00:00 => 26:54 : First Part : Yamani Dazi
26:54 => 1:03:20 : Second Part : Armand de Preseau
1:03:20 => The End : First Part : Yamani Dazi

For my set, African bangers only, Vinyl only of course !!

Many many many thanks again to Yamani and Anders,


Afro Train - Ode To Hendrix (Ivory Coast, 1973, Société Ivoirienne du Disque)


Afro Train was a studio-composed band, who released only one 7 inches back in 1973 on the famous "Société Ivoirienne du Disque" record label.

The band, reunion of Ivorian and Cameroonian musicians, was composed of :

Vincent N'Guini : Lead Guitar
Jean Ndjoh - Bass
Keith Banvo - Drums
Mohamed C. Cherif - Organ
Greg Skelton - Sax Tenor
Roger Nahum - Sax Alto
Harry Forson - Trumpet
Jean-Claude Kongnon - Tumba

I decided to make you (re)discover the A Side of this beautiful record, a tribute to the American Voodoo Guitarist Jimi Hendrix !

Afro Train - Ode To Hendrix

Sincerely yours,


dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Dyo Withs and Ferry Djimmy - Love Love (Ivory Coast, 197?, Revolution Records)


Sweet soul 2 tracks 7 inches composed and backed by the mysterious legend Ferry Djimmy from Ivory Coast, who released one LP and a few (I only know for of them..) on his own private record label "Revolution Records".

Dyo Withs and Ferry Djimmy and his Dji Kins - Love Love



mercredi 11 novembre 2015

The Apples - Mind Twister (Nigeria, 1978 , EMI NIGERIA)

"The Apples" was an high school band of 4 Nigerian teenagers, composed of :

Frank Ikpefuran : Drums / Vocals / Percussions
Vieira Georges : 1st Guitar Lead / Vocals
Clifford Nadi : 2nd Guitar
Gerard Nadi : Bass Guitar

They recorded one a only album in 1978 in Lagos, that was remixed at the mythical EMI Abbey Road Studios in London.

The Apples - Mind Twister

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dimanche 8 novembre 2015

Amara Touré 1973 - 1980 (2015, Analog Africa)


In anticipation of the forthcoming compilation "Senegal 70" that will be out at the end of the month on "Analog Africa", I decided to make you (re) discover the last compilation of this well known record label.

Out in last June, this superb compilation gather many songs from Amara Touré together, taken from his one and only LP and from some of his 7 inches.

Amara Touré, native of Guinea (Konakry), is the best representative of the Cuban-influenced music in Africa, brought in the early 40's by Cubanese sailors who stopped over in the country.

Amara, known for his crystal voice, played with the bests Orchestras through Africa, with the Star Band de Dakar in Senegal, L'Ensemble Black and White in Cameroon and L'Orchestre Massako in Gabon.

Highly, highly recommended, this compilation - limited to 1500 silk screened copies - comes in a Deluxe packaging with a superb booklet, that includes beautiful pictures and comprehensive liner notes and a nice screen printed poster.
You can buy it in a LP, CD or digital format here, for a very cheap price considering the amazing work that Analog Africa did on this superb compilation !

Get ready, close your eyes and let your mind fly to these mesmerising songs..

Amara Toure et l'Ensemble Black and White - Lamento Cubano

samedi 7 novembre 2015

Milestone - Mighty Man (Dominica, 1975, Disques Debs)

Soulful funky track from this well known band originated from Dominica, a small island in the French Antilles.

Milestone - Mighty Man

Sincerely yours, 


dimanche 1 novembre 2015

Elias Rahbani - Lover's Lane (Lebanon, 1974, Parlophone Voix de L'Orient Series)


Following to my former article on Elias Rahbani (here), I decided to make you (re)discover a perfect song on this sunday evening, taken the second volume of his "Mosaic Of The Orient" masterpiece !

Elias Rahbani - Lover's Lane

The cover art is, again, designed by Nabil Mourani, who designed my favourite Oriental record covers !

Have a really good sunday evening,