lundi 21 février 2011

samedi 19 février 2011

Jerry Boy Fraind - Leave that school girl

Ofege - Try And Love

? - ?

A little funny game for you, dear readers of the blog : Will you manage to find out the track that is presented here ?

Clue : The band that plays this track here is originally from the French West Indies... But who ?

Pierre Didy Tchakounte - Soul Magabe

Manu Dibango - Soir au Village / Mwasa Makossa

Henry Mancini - The Cop Show Themes

One of my favourite cover art from my record collection ! I'm a huge fan of orchestra's covers of known or unknown tracks ; so i decided to make you discover this album conducted by a great genius, Henry Mancini (remember La Panthère Rose Theme ? Facile...) that is worth listening to. 8 tracks, 8 wonderfull covers of famous American Cop serials !

To stay near the Bermudas, I chose to present you the Hawaii Five O theme - Bonne écoute !

Ed Watson Brass Circle - Soca Thriller

Michael Who ??? Naaaa..

Here comes a cover of a famous song (my favourite) of the King of the Pop by the King of the Soca Ed Watson (don't forgive his Brass Circle !), originally from Trinidad and famous for his amazing covers - Enjoy !