jeudi 23 décembre 2010

Marabout Groove Party le 14 Janvier au Cabaret Sauvage

On this picture : Frankie Zhivago, Paul Melbourne, Anthony Flowers, Franklyn Thompson & Fred Henfield At The Fabulous Balmoral Beach Hotel

Hi everyone !

I'm Mixing with the Toubab All Stars on the 14th of January at Le Cabaret Sauvage (Paris, FR) : Bermuda Soul, Island Funk, Carib Disco, Cadence Lypso, Nigeria Pop, Cameroonese Makossa, Fela's Afrobeat ; Vinyl only !

For more informations check this link :

The Blue Notes feat Frankie Zhivago - At the Balmoral Beach Hotel

Here comes "The Blue Notes at The Fabulous Balmoral Beach Hotel", the band were Frankie Zhivago used to play with, very hard to find Lp. The Blue Notes released 3 Lp together. Members of the band were :

Godfrey Deveaux
Lawrence Rolle
Gary Davis
Marvin Henfield
Frankie Zhivago
Ralph Munnings (Remember Funky Nassau ?)
Eric Bullar

This Lp was released on a small private Label : Proctor and Blue Records. Here comes the first song of the Lp : Flying High, track that probably may have inspired Frankie Young later for his little gem "The Age of Flying High" I talked about earlier.

Bonne écoute !


lundi 20 décembre 2010

Eko Roosevelt Louis - M'ongele M'am

Here comes the second Lp of The Cameroonese Quincy Jones I already talked about, Mr Eko Roosevelt !

This Lp, as most of Eko Lps, was released on the famous "Dragon Phenix" label (remember Kilimandjaro My Home), linked with classic African names as Safari Ambiance, Les Productions Maniatakis..

All the tracks on the Lp are excellent, as usual with Eko A side is more funky than B side (more traditional), and the song you can listen there is "M'ongele M'am", nice Afroboogie ballad.

Frankie Zhivago Young- I'm Yours

Another amazing track from Frankie "Zhivago" Young, taken from is second LP : The Age of Flying High, a great album that combines funk, reggae (reggay) and soulfull influences (some of the musicians of the Lp were members of The Boris Gardiner Happening !!).

Someone stole your love, All around the world, No woman no cry, there are no weak tracks on this Lp !

This album was recorded in Miami in 1977 in the Ultra Studios ; and pressed at the time on a tiny private label, Alwa. This Lp (like all the albums from Frankie Zhivago) wasn't recognized at the time, and is sold today on Ebay for crazy prices (about 400 usd!)

Frankie "Zhivago" Young is still living in Nassau, and performs regularly at the Atlantis hotel on Paradise Island on Fridays and Sundays.

This one is dedicated for the one, my delicate Soum, who gave me this record

Arawak All Stars- Apache

The Arawak All Stars were members of a band from the West Indies. Practically no informations about them, they recorded a few tracks on the label they owned (Arawak) ; here comes the one i decided to present to you, a cover of the classic written by Jerry Lordan, released first by the Shadows in 1960 an covered again in 1973 by the Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band, famous for the long sampled break in the middle of the song.

This one is for Mr-unknown-movies-in-unknown-theaters aka Oscar !