dimanche 13 décembre 2015

Maravillas de Mali - Chez Fatimata (Mali, 1968, Disco Stock)

In 1964, a group of 7 students originated from Mali travelled to Cuba, to receive a musical training at the Alejandro Garcia Catura de la Havane conservatory, and to study there.

In July 1965, they created a band, "Les Maravillas de Mali", and began to perform in La Havane and, more, all over Cuba (Victoria de las Tunas, Camaguey, Las Villas..).

This song, "Chez Fatimata" is taken from their first album, full of Boogaloos, Montunos, Guarachas and Boleros and recorded in 1968 in La Havane.

A very sweet and interesting album, that perfectly shows the African knowledge in Latin music, and so early in African recording music history !! Enjoy !!

Maravilles de Mali - Chez Fatimata

Have a nice sunday evening,


dimanche 6 décembre 2015

Mary Afi Usuah and the SES Cultural Centre Band - Ima Mma Nyem (Nigeria, 1975, SESCULT)

Mary Affiong - Afi - Usuah is originating from Oron, a town near Calabar, in south east of Nigeria.

Considered as one of Nigeria's best divas, Mary studied Opera in a prestigious music conservatory in Rome the 60's.

She released a few 7 inches there, and came back to Nigeria in the early 70's and continued to play and record music.

The track presented here, "Ima Ma Nyem", is taken from the album she recorded in 1975 with the famous trumpeter Daniel ‘Satch’ Asuquo from the Atomic 8, and with the South Eastern State Cultural Centre Band of Nigeria.

It was produced in very small quantities by the State, and is really, really hard to find in any condition.

Im really, really proud to present you this sublime album, loaded of spitirual Afrobeat and mental Jazz tracks, hope you'll like it !
Mary Afi Usuah and the South Eastern State Cultural Centre Band - Ima Mma Nyem

As a tip to this article, I compiled also one track of her other album from 1978 in one of my former selection here, have a look !

Best regards,


lundi 30 novembre 2015

Mamo Lagbema - Love Music and Dance (Togo, 197?, Mamo Disque)

Mamo Lagbema was a Togolese singer, who released only a few records on his private own label.

The track presented here is one of his hits, a bouncy Afro Disco track, recorded with L'Orchestre BSA !!!

Mamo Lagbema - Love Music and Dance


Best regards,


dimanche 29 novembre 2015

Live Afro Funk, Disco and Psych Bangers Mix for Le Mellotron Radio !!!

Good Evening everyone !

Here is the link to listen and download the Momo's Music List 8, for the Mellotron Show, for which I've been invited in by my good friend Yamani Dazi one week ago :

00:00 => 26:54 : First Part : Yamani Dazi
26:54 => 1:03:20 : Second Part : Armand de Preseau
1:03:20 => The End : First Part : Yamani Dazi

For my set, African bangers only, Vinyl only of course !!

Many many many thanks again to Yamani and Anders,


Afro Train - Ode To Hendrix (Ivory Coast, 1973, Société Ivoirienne du Disque)


Afro Train was a studio-composed band, who released only one 7 inches back in 1973 on the famous "Société Ivoirienne du Disque" record label.

The band, reunion of Ivorian and Cameroonian musicians, was composed of :

Vincent N'Guini : Lead Guitar
Jean Ndjoh - Bass
Keith Banvo - Drums
Mohamed C. Cherif - Organ
Greg Skelton - Sax Tenor
Roger Nahum - Sax Alto
Harry Forson - Trumpet
Jean-Claude Kongnon - Tumba

I decided to make you (re)discover the A Side of this beautiful record, a tribute to the American Voodoo Guitarist Jimi Hendrix !

Afro Train - Ode To Hendrix

Sincerely yours,


dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Dyo Withs and Ferry Djimmy - Love Love (Ivory Coast, 197?, Revolution Records)


Sweet soul 2 tracks 7 inches composed and backed by the mysterious legend Ferry Djimmy from Ivory Coast, who released one LP and a few (I only know for of them..) on his own private record label "Revolution Records".

Dyo Withs and Ferry Djimmy and his Dji Kins - Love Love



mercredi 11 novembre 2015

The Apples - Mind Twister (Nigeria, 1978 , EMI NIGERIA)

"The Apples" was an high school band of 4 Nigerian teenagers, composed of :

Frank Ikpefuran : Drums / Vocals / Percussions
Vieira Georges : 1st Guitar Lead / Vocals
Clifford Nadi : 2nd Guitar
Gerard Nadi : Bass Guitar

They recorded one a only album in 1978 in Lagos, that was remixed at the mythical EMI Abbey Road Studios in London.

The Apples - Mind Twister

Best regards, 


dimanche 8 novembre 2015

Amara Touré 1973 - 1980 (2015, Analog Africa)


In anticipation of the forthcoming compilation "Senegal 70" that will be out at the end of the month on "Analog Africa", I decided to make you (re) discover the last compilation of this well known record label.

Out in last June, this superb compilation gather many songs from Amara Touré together, taken from his one and only LP and from some of his 7 inches.

Amara Touré, native of Guinea (Konakry), is the best representative of the Cuban-influenced music in Africa, brought in the early 40's by Cubanese sailors who stopped over in the country.

Amara, known for his crystal voice, played with the bests Orchestras through Africa, with the Star Band de Dakar in Senegal, L'Ensemble Black and White in Cameroon and L'Orchestre Massako in Gabon.

Highly, highly recommended, this compilation - limited to 1500 silk screened copies - comes in a Deluxe packaging with a superb booklet, that includes beautiful pictures and comprehensive liner notes and a nice screen printed poster.
You can buy it in a LP, CD or digital format here, for a very cheap price considering the amazing work that Analog Africa did on this superb compilation !

Get ready, close your eyes and let your mind fly to these mesmerising songs..

Amara Toure et l'Ensemble Black and White - Lamento Cubano

samedi 7 novembre 2015

Milestone - Mighty Man (Dominica, 1975, Disques Debs)

Soulful funky track from this well known band originated from Dominica, a small island in the French Antilles.

Milestone - Mighty Man

Sincerely yours, 


dimanche 1 novembre 2015

Elias Rahbani - Lover's Lane (Lebanon, 1974, Parlophone Voix de L'Orient Series)


Following to my former article on Elias Rahbani (here), I decided to make you (re)discover a perfect song on this sunday evening, taken the second volume of his "Mosaic Of The Orient" masterpiece !

Elias Rahbani - Lover's Lane

The cover art is, again, designed by Nabil Mourani, who designed my favourite Oriental record covers !

Have a really good sunday evening,


dimanche 25 octobre 2015

Orchestre Les Sympathics de Porto Novo - Benin To (Benin, 1978, Albarika Store)


The Orchestra "Les Sympathics de Porto-Novo" was a band created in 1972 in Porto-Novo, Benin, by Herman F. Laleye, the former leader of the very well known "Black Dragons Orchestra".

They recorded a few LP in the 70's (three as far as I know), and also backed other artists such as Singer Nahounou (Amédée Pierre).

The band was composed by :

Herman Laleye : Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Armand Pognon : Lead Guitar
Jean Apithy : Bass Guitar
Camille Zannou : Organ
Bonheur Gangbo : Vocals
Georges d'Assomption : Tumbas
Olivier Boke : Tumbas
Marc Laleye : Drums
Epiphane Zinsou : Drums

 This LP was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria, at the mythical EMI Studios, and was engineered by Mister Ayo and Mister Kayode Salami, great names of the Nigerian musical scene at the time.

I decided to make you discover "Benin To", a splendid slow Afrobeat and Sato Vodoun rhythm song !

Orchestre Les Sympathics de Porto-Novo - Benin To



mardi 6 octobre 2015

New Selection - Orient In the Flesh (Feat. Omar Khorshid, Ziad and Elias Rahbani, Farid El Atrache, Omar El Shariyi, Ihsan Al Munzer, Hassan Abou Seoud... )

Hi dear readers !!

As promised (for a long time..), here comes my brand new selection !

 We're traveling to Middle East this time, with several dope Belly Dances songs taken from Lebanese and Egyptian records of my collection ! 

Hope you'll like it, don't hesitate to leave some comments !!

Armand de Preseau - Orient In the Flesh


 You can download this new selection right here (as usual, right clic, "save as").

See you very soon,


dimanche 4 octobre 2015

Mammane Sani et son Orgue - Tunan (Niger, 1978, Niger Minister of Culture)


One of the greatest musicians of Niger, Mamman Sani Abdoulaye was one of the pioneers of Electronic music in Africa.

Guitarist and singer, he discovered electronic music in 1974, when he was employed as a musician for the UNESCO, during which he traveled to Europe.

During one of the UNESCO meetings, a delegate from Rwanda had brought along his Italian “Orlo” organ model. Mammane, captivated by the sound, convinced him to sell it.

This Organ was the first in Niger.

Then, he recorded his first and only album of instrumental electronic songs in 1978, only released on a few tapes in coordination with the Minister of Culture.

He played over 30 years, and is still playing music today.

I decided to make you discover one of his hits, Tunan, taken from his one and only album.

Mammane Sani et son Orgue - Tunan

Sincerely yours, 


mardi 29 septembre 2015

Etubom Rex Williams and his Nigerian Artistes - Satan Ke Mbiet Owo (Nigeria, 1974, Philips)


Born in Etinan, in Akwa Ibom State in the 1930's, Etubom Rex Williams is by far one of Nigeria's finest Highlife Trumpeters and bandleaders.

He started to play music in the early 1950's, playing the trumpet in the Salvation Army Band, and quickly began to perfom in hotels, leading Highlife bands, and quickly began to record his first albums.

From the early 70's to the late 80's, he have released more than 10 LP's and 7 inches.
The song presented here, Satan Ke Mbiet Owo, is a pure jewel, mixture of deep Highlife and slow Afrobeat music - Enjoy !

Etubom Rex Williams and his Nigerian Artistes - Satan Ke Mbiet Owo


Best regards,


mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Voices Of Darkness - Bonjour cherie (Nigeria, 1974, Decca)

Picture courtesy of Voodoofunk / Superfly

The "Voices of Darkness" was a band created in the early 70's in Douala, Cameroon, and composed of 6 Nigerian and Cameroonian musicians :

Joe Brown (the leader of the band) on the Organ, Lead Guitar, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 
Cel Anderson on the Bass and Vocals
Emmanuel Ovo on the trumpet and Congas
Paul Mony on the Drums
Emmanuel Ebot on Congas, Timbals and Vocals
Dennise Kenneth on the Percussions and Alto Saxophone

"Bonjour Chérie" (Hello Darling) the track presented here is taken from their one and only LP, recorded in 1974 in Nigeria.

This album never had a properly release, it was mispressed in France with an Ebenezer Obey LP (check the picture of my personal copy at the end of this article), on DECCA, the French divisionary of the Afrodisia label, and never had a cover..

Beautiful Afro Soul Ballad, this track relates a phone conversation between a man (Cel, the bassist of the band) and his ex-girlfriend, who raised alone their child - Enjoy !

Voices of Darkness - Bonjour Cherie

Best regards,


mardi 22 septembre 2015

Fadoul et Les Privilèges - Leilet Al Jadba (Morocco, 197?, Disque Fan El Hayat)


Known as the Moroccon "James Brown", Fadoul was a very famous singer back in the early 1970's, native of Casablanca.

With his band "Les Privilèges", he recorded 4 at least (as far as I know..) 7 inches, and gave a few live shows in his country.

Fadoul died in 1991.

Fadoul et Les Privilèges - Leilet Al Jadba

Fadoul et Les Privilèges in concert, courtesy of Habibi Funk Records

Sincerely yours,


dimanche 13 septembre 2015

Light and Sound Of Mogadishu (2015, Afro 7 records)


Very innovative, the highly recommended compilation "Light and Sound of Mogadishu" is the first release of the "Afro 7" record label (you can check this superb website here), specialized in Kenyan music.

This compilation is the very first of its kind, that deals with Somalian tracks from legendary bands such as Sharero band, Faadumo Qaasim, Magool or Ahmed Abukar, taken from some impossible to find 7 inches.

Limited to 1000 copies, it comes in a deluxe packaging, with inner sleeve, beautiful hand made illustrations and pictures and background informations of the songs, the artists and the bands.

You can buy it in a LP or CD format here, for a very cheap price considering the amazing work that Afro 7 did on this superb compilation !

Sharero Band – Caashooy


mardi 18 août 2015

Idrissa Soumaoro et l'eclipse de l'I.J.A - Nissodia (Mali, 1978, Eterna)

Legendary Malian record out in 1978 on ETERNA, a German based label from Idrissa Soumaoro and a German association, "L'Eclipse de l'Institut des Jeunes Aveugles" (Blind teenagers institute).

This record was produced at the time by the German association that took care of blind Malian teenagers in Bamako, and it was never properly released commercially.

This is the first record on which were revealed three future huge names of the Malian music : Idrissa Soumaoro, Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia (who got married together later, but that's another story..).

Idrissa Soumaoro et l'Eclipse de l'I.J.A - Nissodia

All the best, 


lundi 10 août 2015

Omar Khorshid - Beyni Ou Beynak (Lebanon, 1978, Voice Of Lebanon)


Favourite cover by the great Omar Khorshid of this all time Oriental classic tune, composed by the Rahbani Brothers, Beyni Ou Beynak (Me and You) is a very sweet and quiet ballad, with electric guitar, piano and mind-blowing organ parts - Close your eyes...

Omar Khorshid - Beyni Ou Beynak

Sincerely yours, 


jeudi 6 août 2015

Question Mark - Love (Nigeria, 1976, EMI Nigeria)

Composed by 5 musicians, Question Mark (or "The Questions") was a psychedelic Nigerian band that recorded their one and only album in 1976.

The Band was composed of 5 musicians :

Frank Izuora : Lead vocals and organ
Amehl Izuora : Bass guitar
Chyke Okafor : Drums
Uzo Agulefo : Percussion
Victor Egbe : Lead guitar

Their album is full of winner tracks, and I decided to make you discover "Love", my favourite one, a hip hoppy reggae track with awesome drums and wonderful psychedelic electric guitar parts.

Question Mark - Love

With Love,


samedi 1 août 2015

Derrick Harriott - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys (Jamaica, 1982, Crystal Records)


Great cover of this classic song from Eddy Grant and his Equals by Derrick Harriott, my favourite rocksteady artist !

Derrick Clinton Harriott, born on the 6 February 1939 in Jamaica, is a singer and record producer, who founded the famous Crystal Records Label.

This version sums up the Jamaican producing skills, mixing together disco, dub and roots music, and is for me a direct answer to the song Disco Devil, by Lee Perry.

Derrick Harriot - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys

All the best,


mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Phany Agboton Et Ses Satellitles - Allabiaboukata (Benin, 1977, Satel Records)

Hi dear readers !

For this time, let's travel to Benin Again, with a great psychedelic Afrobeat mental track, with huge organ parts, by Phany Agboton accompanied by "Les Satellites" Orchestra !

Phany Agboton et Les Satellites - Allabiaboukata



lundi 27 juillet 2015

Smail Chaoui - Ya Habib (Algeria, 197?, Oasis)

Smail Salhi, aka Smail Chaoui, is an Algerian singer, born in 1946 in Ain M'lila.

He began his musical career very early, and released a couple of 7 inches on Oasis, the great Algerian record label.

Later, he decided to quit music, and made a successful career in hotels and tourism.

Smail Chaoui - Ya Habib


Sincerely yours,


dimanche 26 juillet 2015

Le Kene Star de Sikasso - Fitiriwale (Mali, 1977, Mali Kunkan)


Le Kene Star de Sikasso was one of the regional Malian Orchestras (such as "L'Orchestre Kanaga de Mopti" or "L'Orchestre Sidi Yassa des Kayes") back in the 70's.

The group was composed, among others, by François Ballo, Mamadou Touré, Mamadou Diakité and Cheick Sadibou Diabaté, former members of "L'Orchestre Regional de Sikasso", who released one album in 1970.

The track I've selected, Fitiriwale, is taken from their 1977 album, released in France thanks to the mythical "Kiosque d'Orphée" label.

This song is about wedding, and the ingratitude of the husbands towards their former wife and the good things they did for them.

Le Kene Star de Sikasso - Fitiriwale


If you're into Malian sound, you can check here (and download !) a Malian selection I did in 2013 !

Have a really nice sunday,


samedi 25 juillet 2015

David Calvet et les Elus (Congo, 1978, Pathé EMI)


Nice Afro Latin Fusion track from Congo (Brazzaville), with fresh and fuzzy electric guitars to begin this sunny saturday !

"Les Elus" was a Congolese band, lead by David Calvet Voutoukoulou, a guitarist who recorded 3 albums and who also played with the "Les Ombres de Brazzaville" and "Bayembi" in the early 70's.

David Calvet et les Elus - Mea Katu



lundi 13 juillet 2015

Elias Rahbani - Dance Of Maria (Lebanon, 1972, Parlophone Voix de L'Orient Series)


Elias Rahbani, from Lebanon, is the youngest of the three Rahbani Brothers, well known for their contribution to the Lebanese - and more, Oriental - music scene.

His two older brothers, Assi and Mansour Rahbani, also known as "The Rahbani Brothers" (which Elias wasn't be part of) were composers and songwriters, famous for their work with the Lebanese Diva, Faiyrouz (which was the wife of Assi).

Elias composed of over 700 songs, both in Eastern and Western styles.

This album, "Mosaic of The Orient", is considered by many as Elias best album, a very eclectic instrumental record, with some psychedelic organ and bouzouk parts, oriental jazz and hip hoppy beats.

The cover art is designed by Nabil Mourani, who designed my favourite Oriental record covers (Remember Babylon Mood by Munir Bachir ? That was him also !).

Elias Rahbani - Dance Of Maria

Have a nice monday,


dimanche 12 juillet 2015

Belles Combo - Misik A Nou (Dominica, 1977, A3 Productions)


First album of this band from the Dominica Island in the Carribean, this record is full of winner tracks in many genre, as specified on the cover (Candence, Calypso, Reggae..).

"Misik A Nou" is a killer Cadence track, with killer horns and drums.

Serve yourself a glass of punch, put on your best shirt, and enjoy the party !

Belles Combo - Misik A Nou

Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil Jazz - Sickness (Nigeria, 1978, Roger All Stars)


Nicolas "Prince Nico" Mbarga, with his Nigerian band the Rocafil Jazz, was one of most famous African musicians (or THE most), who released more than 20 albums.

Prince Nico, children born in 1950 of a Cameroonese father and a Nigerian mother, became a PanAfrican celebrity in 1976 with his interplanetary hit "Sweet Mother".

His music, easy identifiable, is a mixture of Highlife, Slow Afrobeat and Congolese Rhumba.

Nicolas left music in the early 80's, became a businessman and died of a bike accident in 1997 in Nigeria.

I decided to present you tonight "Sickness", an Afrobeat song with very sweets guitar parts in it - Enjoy !

Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil Jazz - Sickness

Thank you,


lundi 6 juillet 2015

Bongos Ikwue and The Groovies - Woman Made The Devil (Nigeria, 1977, EMI NIGERIA)


Mixture of American folk music and Nigerian roots, this track - by the very prolific Nigerian singer and guitarist Bongos Ikwue (his last album came out in 2012 !) - is perfect for this hot monday summer !

Close your eyes, and relax..

Bongos Ikwue And The Groovies - Woman Made The Devil


Take care of you all,


dimanche 5 juillet 2015

Ikenga Super Stars of Africa - Soffry Soffry Catchy Monkey (Nigeria, 1977, Roger All Stars)

Coming from Nigeria, the Ikenga Super Stars of Africa was one of the very popular band in the country back in the 70's, who got their start as members of highlife superstar Osita Osadebe's backing band.

They played mostly Highlife music, recorded more than 15 albumsand have tourned in many African countries, but also in Europe (London).

The track presented here, "Soffry Soffry Catchy Monkey", is taken from their one and only Afrobeat record, out in 1977 on the famous "Roger All Stars" (or R.A.S.) record label (this record was also issued in France on the DECCA record label).

Ikenga Super Stars of Africa - Soffry Soffry Catchy Monkey

Sincerely yours,


Gnonnas Pedro - La Musica En Verite (Benin, 1980, Ledoux Records)


 Awesome slow deep Afrobeat / Pachanga track from the Beninese King of Salsa, Mister Gnonnan Sossou Pierre Kouassivi, alias "Gnonnas Pedro"!

This track is taken from the original "La Musica En Verite" LP, out in 1980 on the great "Ledoux Records" Label, owned by Abou Sylla Ledoux, one of the greatest Producer in african music history.

Gnonnas Pedro et Ses Dadjes - La Musica En Verite

All the best,


This track is dedicated to my cousin Jean. I will never forget those good times, listening to this record together, again and again and again.. Miss you, little brother.

dimanche 7 juin 2015

Menelik Wossenachew and the Venus Band - Menew Bacher Kere (Ethiopia, 1973, AMHA)


Following to my former Ethiopian Selection (here), I wanted to make you discover a perfect track for this sunday evening !

Menelik Wossenachew - Menew Bacher Kere

Take care,


Roger Damawuzan - Wait For Me (Togo, 1970's, Disques Aziza)


Classic track tonight with "Wait for Me", crazy afro funk track by Mister Roger Damahouzan, the Togolese James Brown, who also played with "L'Orchestre Les As du Benin" (listen here) - Enjoy !!

More, this compilation, pressed in Ghana, is full of treasures by the greatests figures of the Togolese musical scene (Julie Akoussah, le Super Boboto, Bella Bellow..).. Recommended !

All the best,


jeudi 4 juin 2015

The Identicals - Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa (Nigeria, 1977 , EMI NIGERIA)

The Identicals was a Nigerian band composed by two twins brothers, Peter (Bass) and Paul (Guitar), who played around Lagos clubs and studios (as backing members for other musicians) back in the 70's.

The song presented here, "Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa" is taken from their one and only album, "Rock Exponent".

The title of this song could be translated (in Igbo language) as "We Come Into This World Crying" - Enjoy !

The Identicals - Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa

Sincerely yours,


mardi 26 mai 2015

Eric And George - Over The Bar (Ghana, ???, Tower)

We stay in Ghana with this little Bonus, an obscure cosmic synth proto house track a la Onyeabor from the early 70's !

No info on this record, veeeery innovative drumbox and synth using for this period in Africa !

If you have some info on this record, don't hesitate to leave a comment !


Pat Thomas and Marijata - I Need More (Ghana, 1977, Gapophone)

Born in 1951 in Agona (Ashanti region of Ghana), Pat Thomas is, with Ebo Taylor (an old friend of him, who plays guitar on the track presented here), one the greatest figures of the Ghanaian music.

Immersed in the musical scene since his childhood, Pat Thomas has recorded more than 20 albums, dozens and dozens of singles, and has played with many bands through the years, from Highlife to Afrobeat : The Blue Monks, The Satellites, The Sweet Beans (his own band), Marijata..

Pat Thomas - who lives in Ghana today - is, like Ebo Taylor, still playing and recording nowadays, and is regularly on tour.

The track presented here, "I Need More", is taken from his last album on the Gapophone music label (one of the best record label from Ghana) and was recorded at the time by Kayode Salami and Monday Oki, the two mythical recording engineers of the EMI NIGERIA Studio based in Lagos.

Pat Thomas and Marijata - I Need More



lundi 18 mai 2015

The Apostles - Battery Rock (Nigeria, 1973, BEN)


Down Down The Valley / Battery Rock is the very first single from one of the best Nigerian Afro-rock band from this era, The Apostles.

The Apostles was a band composed by members from Aba, a city in the east of the country, in the Abia state.

The Apostles recorded 6 albums (or more, who knows ?), several singles and backed many other artists during between the 70's and the early 80's.

Very rough track, furiously funky with acid psychedelic influences, "Battery Rock" is a very precursor and innovative track for the period - Remember we were only in 1973, Nigeria..

The Apostles - Battery Rock

All the best,


This one is for you Uchenna ! Thanks..