dimanche 23 novembre 2014

Francis Bebey - Divorce Pygmee

Hi everyone !

It's been a loooong time (too long !) without articles ! 2 months !!! Many reasons to that : too much work, I was ill also, I travelled, cleaned my records, but now I'm back !!

And because my selections take me a lot of time to do (find the records, make a coverfor the selection, restore and mix the records..) I decided to change the form of this blog : I will put more single songs now and, one time per month (or more, who knows !) I will put selection of around 6 records to download - This way, you will have more songs to discover.

So let's begin with Francis Bebey, one of my favourite Cameroonese musicans.

Francis Bebey was born in Douala in 1929 and died in Paris in 2001. He was one of the first African musician to use Drum machines and synths to produce electronic music (remember William Onyeabor ? Francis Bebey is better, for me !)

The song I present here, Divorce Pygmee, is taken from his well-known record (and harder LP to find) "La Condition Masculine", out on the "Ozileka" label, Francis Bebey's own label - Enjoy !

Francis Bebey - La Condition Masculine


I will be back soon, for your ears only.

Sincerely yours,