lundi 23 janvier 2012

Yaounde, Douala, Bafia, Bonaberi, Kribi : Psych Records From Cameroun

Hi everyone !

"Au menu cette semaine" : a little special mix of 5 Cameroonian Psych songs, some of them taken from pretty good records digged during my last trip there - no tracklisting this time, for your ears only - Hope you'll enjoy it !

You can download this mix here (as always, right clic, save as or download)

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mardi 17 janvier 2012

Amadou Traore dit Balake - Bar Konon Mousso & other beautiful songs (Burkina Faso, 1974, Disques CVD)

Amadou Traore dit Balake is a burkinabé singer who recorded many songs from very different genre (mandingo rhythms, afrobeat, salsa, quiet balads, soukouss) and in many countries/cities all over the world (New york, Abidjan, Paris, Accra, Lagos..).
This beautiful 7 inch was recorded in 1969 with l'Orchestre Super Volta, in the country of Burkina Faso, on the great "La Compagnie Voltaique du Disque" label (CVD), known for its magical psych tracks.
This track deals with a musician (him, maybe ?), who performs every night at the Don Camillo Club. Each night, coming back from his show, this guy meets the same prostitute he is totally in love with, but the girl prefers to spend her night with white guys in Abidjan's hotels, because they are rich, and musicians are poor ("Musicien c'est pas quelqu'un, tu es pauvre garçon").
There are actually 2 different versions of this track (the lyrics are the same), because Amadou re-recorded it in the 70's for one of his LP's, out on the famous Ivory Coast's SACODIS label, in an afrobeat way.
I definitely prefer the first quiet version, hope you'll understand why (listen to this amazing hypnotic guitar..).
Amadou is still alive, and plays now with the famous Africando salsa band.
Amadou Balake - Bar Konou Mousso

As bonuses, two tracks :

To begin, here comes the other version of Bar Konou Mousso - the Afrobeat one - called Super Bar Konon Mousso.
Amadou Balake - Super bar Konon Mousso

Next, another song from Amadou Traore out on the CVD label, Johnny.
(all the copies of the Kambele ba / Johnny record I heard from now have the same pressing default, this Woush woush woush you can hear.. Shame but lovely in a way..).
Amadou Balake - Johnny

Enjoy !


dimanche 8 janvier 2012

Nigeria Rocks Mix

Hi there !

For your ears only, a Mini mix of some tracks taken from Famous Nigerian bands - Enjoy !

You can download it here (right clic, save as or download)