lundi 29 février 2016

Mamo Lagbema - Sind N'Bassa (Togo, 197?, Disques CVD)


Another storming single from the famous Togolese singer Mamo Lagbema (you can check here for another great single), percussive drums and funky saturated electric guitars !

Mamo Lagbema - Sind N'Bassa

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dimanche 28 février 2016

New Selection - A Night At Ammar El Sheriyi's Mansion (meeting with the legendary Egyptian blind organist)


For my 31th selection, I decided to make you travel into the Egypt of the 70's, with a very special tribute to Ammar El Sheriyi, a blind organist famous for the covers he made of songs from legendary Egyptian musicians, such as Abdel Halim Hafez or Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

Hope you'll like it, don't hesitate to leave some comments !!

Armand de Preseau - A Night At Ammar El Sheriyi's Mansion


You can download this new selection right here (as usual, right clic, "save as").

Tracklist :

1 - Gafnoho
2 - Heya Di Heya
3 - Eldonya Helwa
4 - Day El Kanadil
5 - Eh Zambi

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Dossia Dassaboute - Le Message (Benin, 1970, Disques Tropiques)


Composed in 1970 in one night only, "Le Message" is the first song from Dossia Pierre Dassaboute, one of my favourite Beninese musician, acoustic guitar player, politician and writter.

This song comes from one of the earlier records of the "Disques Tropiques" record label from Benin.

At the time, Dossia wrote this track for his ex girlfriend, "Aminata", who was cheating on him.

This song became his most popular song, and Dossia released after that two albums, one in 2004 and another one in 2012.

Dossia Dassaboute - Le Message

You can also listen to this track on my youtube channel here :

Sincerely sorry for the delay without articles, I had to prepare good surprises (new selections, articles..) to come !

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