mardi 29 septembre 2015

Etubom Rex Williams and his Nigerian Artistes - Satan Ke Mbiet Owo (Nigeria, 1974, Philips)


Born in Etinan, in Akwa Ibom State in the 1930's, Etubom Rex Williams is by far one of Nigeria's finest Highlife Trumpeters and bandleaders.

He started to play music in the early 1950's, playing the trumpet in the Salvation Army Band, and quickly began to perfom in hotels, leading Highlife bands, and quickly began to record his first albums.

From the early 70's to the late 80's, he have released more than 10 LP's and 7 inches.
The song presented here, Satan Ke Mbiet Owo, is a pure jewel, mixture of deep Highlife and slow Afrobeat music - Enjoy !

Etubom Rex Williams and his Nigerian Artistes - Satan Ke Mbiet Owo


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mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Voices Of Darkness - Bonjour cherie (Nigeria, 1974, Decca)

Picture courtesy of Voodoofunk / Superfly

The "Voices of Darkness" was a band created in the early 70's in Douala, Cameroon, and composed of 6 Nigerian and Cameroonian musicians :

Joe Brown (the leader of the band) on the Organ, Lead Guitar, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 
Cel Anderson on the Bass and Vocals
Emmanuel Ovo on the trumpet and Congas
Paul Mony on the Drums
Emmanuel Ebot on Congas, Timbals and Vocals
Dennise Kenneth on the Percussions and Alto Saxophone

"Bonjour Chérie" (Hello Darling) the track presented here is taken from their one and only LP, recorded in 1974 in Nigeria.

This album never had a properly release, it was mispressed in France with an Ebenezer Obey LP (check the picture of my personal copy at the end of this article), on DECCA, the French divisionary of the Afrodisia label, and never had a cover..

Beautiful Afro Soul Ballad, this track relates a phone conversation between a man (Cel, the bassist of the band) and his ex-girlfriend, who raised alone their child - Enjoy !

Voices of Darkness - Bonjour Cherie

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mardi 22 septembre 2015

Fadoul et Les Privilèges - Leilet Al Jadba (Morocco, 197?, Disque Fan El Hayat)


Known as the Moroccon "James Brown", Fadoul was a very famous singer back in the early 1970's, native of Casablanca.

With his band "Les Privilèges", he recorded 4 at least (as far as I know..) 7 inches, and gave a few live shows in his country.

Fadoul died in 1991.

Fadoul et Les Privilèges - Leilet Al Jadba

Fadoul et Les Privilèges in concert, courtesy of Habibi Funk Records

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dimanche 13 septembre 2015

Light and Sound Of Mogadishu (2015, Afro 7 records)


Very innovative, the highly recommended compilation "Light and Sound of Mogadishu" is the first release of the "Afro 7" record label (you can check this superb website here), specialized in Kenyan music.

This compilation is the very first of its kind, that deals with Somalian tracks from legendary bands such as Sharero band, Faadumo Qaasim, Magool or Ahmed Abukar, taken from some impossible to find 7 inches.

Limited to 1000 copies, it comes in a deluxe packaging, with inner sleeve, beautiful hand made illustrations and pictures and background informations of the songs, the artists and the bands.

You can buy it in a LP or CD format here, for a very cheap price considering the amazing work that Afro 7 did on this superb compilation !

Sharero Band – Caashooy