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Voices Of Darkness - Bonjour cherie (Nigeria, 1974, Decca)

Picture courtesy of Voodoofunk / Superfly

The "Voices of Darkness" was a band created in the early 70's in Douala, Cameroon, and composed of 6 Nigerian and Cameroonian musicians :

Joe Brown (the leader of the band) on the Organ, Lead Guitar, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 
Cel Anderson on the Bass and Vocals
Emmanuel Ovo on the trumpet and Congas
Paul Mony on the Drums
Emmanuel Ebot on Congas, Timbals and Vocals
Dennise Kenneth on the Percussions and Alto Saxophone

"Bonjour Chérie" (Hello Darling) the track presented here is taken from their one and only LP, recorded in 1974 in Nigeria.

This album never had a properly release, it was mispressed in France with an Ebenezer Obey LP (check the picture of my personal copy at the end of this article), on DECCA, the French divisionary of the Afrodisia label, and never had a cover..

Beautiful Afro Soul Ballad, this track relates a phone conversation between a man (Cel, the bassist of the band) and his ex-girlfriend, who raised alone their child - Enjoy !

Voices of Darkness - Bonjour Cherie

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  1. un bijoux ce disque merci pour les infos

    1. Oui un très, très bon disque ! "Bonjour Chérie" est mon morceau préféré de l'album, mais c'est aussi le plus calme.. les autres sont extraordinaires et très funky