dimanche 13 décembre 2015

Maravillas de Mali - Chez Fatimata (Mali, 1968, Disco Stock)

In 1964, a group of 7 students originated from Mali travelled to Cuba, to receive a musical training at the Alejandro Garcia Catura de la Havane conservatory, and to study there.

In July 1965, they created a band, "Les Maravillas de Mali", and began to perform in La Havane and, more, all over Cuba (Victoria de las Tunas, Camaguey, Las Villas..).

This song, "Chez Fatimata" is taken from their first album, full of Boogaloos, Montunos, Guarachas and Boleros and recorded in 1968 in La Havane.

A very sweet and interesting album, that perfectly shows the African knowledge in Latin music, and so early in African recording music history !! Enjoy !!

Maravilles de Mali - Chez Fatimata

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dimanche 6 décembre 2015

Mary Afi Usuah and the SES Cultural Centre Band - Ima Mma Nyem (Nigeria, 1975, SESCULT)

Mary Affiong - Afi - Usuah is originating from Oron, a town near Calabar, in south east of Nigeria.

Considered as one of Nigeria's best divas, Mary studied Opera in a prestigious music conservatory in Rome the 60's.

She released a few 7 inches there, and came back to Nigeria in the early 70's and continued to play and record music.

The track presented here, "Ima Ma Nyem", is taken from the album she recorded in 1975 with the famous trumpeter Daniel ‘Satch’ Asuquo from the Atomic 8, and with the South Eastern State Cultural Centre Band of Nigeria.

It was produced in very small quantities by the State, and is really, really hard to find in any condition.

Im really, really proud to present you this sublime album, loaded of spitirual Afrobeat and mental Jazz tracks, hope you'll like it !
Mary Afi Usuah and the South Eastern State Cultural Centre Band - Ima Mma Nyem

As a tip to this article, I compiled also one track of her other album from 1978 in one of my former selection here, have a look !

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