dimanche 30 octobre 2016

Orchestre National du Congo - Ah ! Congo (Congo, 1976, Editions Nationales)

L'Orchestre National du Congo was a band from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, founded in 1975 by Sebastien Bikouta.

They recorded this album in 1976, with the help of the Congolese Ministry of Culture.

I decided to make you (re)discover the track "Ah ! Congo", a splendid now classic afro funk track (I really advise you this record, plenty of beautiful tracks !).

Orchestre National du Congo - Ah ! Congo

Have a nice sunday evening,


dimanche 23 octobre 2016

Jerry Boifraind - Natto Messiah (Armand De Preseau edit) (Nigeria, 1981, Clover Recording Organization)

Hi everyone !

Here is a short edit I did on one of my favourite songs from the most funky reverend from Nigeria, Mr. Jerry Boifraind !

He relased a few LP's back in the end of the 70's / early 80's before giving his entire life to his church - enjoy !

Reverend Jerry Boifraind - Natto Messiah (Armand De Preseau edit)

Have a nice day,


lundi 17 octobre 2016

Tina - Mulembuami (Gabon, 1976, Pathe Marconi)

Obscure beautiful folk track from Gabon, by a singer who seems to have released only this track, no more infos.. Enjoy !

Tina - Mulembuami


Have a nice evening,


mardi 11 octobre 2016

Carrousel - Taxi Brousse (La Reunion, 1982, Editions Reunion Ocean Indien)

Carrousel was a band from La Reunion island, founded by Alain "Loy" Ehrlich, a close friend of the musician and poet from Reunion Alain Peters, in the early 80's.

The band performed around 4 years, recorded their one and only album "La Vie Est Un Mystere" in 1982, splited and made a short come back in 1994.

It was composed by :

Alain "Loy" Ehrlich : Synths, Flute and Bass Guitar
Bigoun : Drums
Teddy Baptiste : Guitar
Kiki Mariapin : Bass Guitar and Vocals
Alain Peters : Bass Guitar (only for a short time)
Joel Gonthier : Percussion and Vocals
Jean-Claude Viadere : Caiambe and Vocals
Tot : Saxophone
Bruno Le Flanchec : Brass
Marc Blancher : Brass
François, Elise and Sabine : Chorus

"Taxi Brousse", the track presented here, could be the Indian Ocean reply to the very well known "Shaft" theme - Enjoy !

Carrousel - Taxi Brousse

All the best,


lundi 10 octobre 2016

Orchestre du Jardin de Guinee - J.R.D.A. (Guinea Conakry, 1967, Editions Syliphone Conakry)

L'Orchestre du Jardin de Guinee, leaded by Balla Onivogu, was formed in 1962, when the Government of Guinee splited the Orchestre National into smaller bands. 

The band used to play at the Jardin de Guinee in Conakry, and this album is the only one they recorded, out in 1967. 

Later, the band change its name for "Balla et ses Balladins", and recorded several albums and singles, and became one of Guinea's major orchestras.

I wanted to make you discover "J. R. D. A.", a splendid melancholic Afro Latin track - Enjoy !

Orchestre du Jardin de Guinee - J. R. D. A.


Best regards,


(I have a copy of this 50 years ago rare record for sale if you want !)

dimanche 9 octobre 2016

Erick Cosaque - Joue Zizipan (Guadeloupe, 1978, Yola Production)

For this beautiful sunday, I decided to share with you "Joue Zizipan", a not very well known track from Eric Cosaque, one of my favourite musicians from the Guadeloupe island, mixing perfectly elements of Gwo Ka, Jazz, Soul and Latin music - enjoy !!

Erick Cosaque - Joue Zizipan

Take care,