mardi 11 octobre 2016

Carrousel - Taxi Brousse (La Reunion, 1982, Editions Reunion Ocean Indien)

Carrousel was a band from La Reunion island, founded by Alain "Loy" Ehrlich, a close friend of the musician and poet from Reunion Alain Peters, in the early 80's.

The band performed around 4 years, recorded their one and only album "La Vie Est Un Mystere" in 1982, splited and made a short come back in 1994.

It was composed by :

Alain "Loy" Ehrlich : Synths, Flute and Bass Guitar
Bigoun : Drums
Teddy Baptiste : Guitar
Kiki Mariapin : Bass Guitar and Vocals
Alain Peters : Bass Guitar (only for a short time)
Joel Gonthier : Percussion and Vocals
Jean-Claude Viadere : Caiambe and Vocals
Tot : Saxophone
Bruno Le Flanchec : Brass
Marc Blancher : Brass
François, Elise and Sabine : Chorus

"Taxi Brousse", the track presented here, could be the Indian Ocean reply to the very well known "Shaft" theme - Enjoy !

Carrousel - Taxi Brousse

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