jeudi 4 juin 2015

The Identicals - Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa (Nigeria, 1977 , EMI NIGERIA)

The Identicals was a Nigerian band composed by two twins brothers, Peter (Bass) and Paul (Guitar), who played around Lagos clubs and studios (as backing members for other musicians) back in the 70's.

The song presented here, "Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa" is taken from their one and only album, "Rock Exponent".

The title of this song could be translated (in Igbo language) as "We Come Into This World Crying" - Enjoy !

The Identicals - Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa

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2 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for translating the title. Google translated it quite differently as,
    "great anecdotes came to the world."

    I have this song on my cd titled, "The word ends: Afro rock and psychedelia in 1970's Nigeria." Wonderful album.

    I love the way all the instruments come together. These guys could jam.