lundi 20 décembre 2010

Frankie Zhivago Young- I'm Yours

Another amazing track from Frankie "Zhivago" Young, taken from is second LP : The Age of Flying High, a great album that combines funk, reggae (reggay) and soulfull influences (some of the musicians of the Lp were members of The Boris Gardiner Happening !!).

Someone stole your love, All around the world, No woman no cry, there are no weak tracks on this Lp !

This album was recorded in Miami in 1977 in the Ultra Studios ; and pressed at the time on a tiny private label, Alwa. This Lp (like all the albums from Frankie Zhivago) wasn't recognized at the time, and is sold today on Ebay for crazy prices (about 400 usd!)

Frankie "Zhivago" Young is still living in Nassau, and performs regularly at the Atlantis hotel on Paradise Island on Fridays and Sundays.

This one is dedicated for the one, my delicate Soum, who gave me this record

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