dimanche 4 août 2013

Selection of the week : The Ethiopian Journey / A travel into the Ethio sound of Addis-Abeba back in the 70's

Hi dear readers !

I'm actually in the Southern France (remember St Tropez ?) for 2 weeks, tanning near the deep blue sea, drinking ti punchs and mojitos, but I've prepared something special for you !

I wanted for a loooong time to do an Ethiopian selection, (but I wouldn't because I think the Ethio sound is too "a la mode"..), so here are 9 tracks taken from several seven inches intended to make you (re)discover the beauty and the deepness of the Ethio sound from the 70's.

Ethio Jazz, Ethio soul, Ethio groove or Ethio funk, nevermind how you can call it, this music sounds like no other, because of the Ethiopian Pentatonic scale, that was a source of inspiration for many musicians of all genre.

Hope you'll like it !

Armand de Preseau - The Ethiopian Journey

You can download it here (right clic, "save as")

See you soon for the (too) long awaited Malian selection !

Tracklist : 

Mohamud Ahmed - Ambassel
Menelik Wossenachew - Chereka
Bizunesh Bekele - Tigel New
Tilahun Gessesse - Wey Min Tilik
Menelik Wossenachew - Menew Bacher Kere
Bahta Hiwot - Tessassategn Eko
Bizunesh Bekele - Inramed
??? - Yewyen Abebaie
Menelik Wossenache - Mekaberene Liyew

7 commentaires:

  1. thanks for all the great mixes but there is no dl link for this

  2. sorry to bother you but there is something wrong with the mix it stops in the middle of track 3 hope you can fix it thank you

    1. sorry, a bug during the conversion - it's fixed !



  3. I agree with trumpetaaa. Many thanks for this. I learn so much from everything here.

  4. merci pour votre travail et le music…. from toronto