dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Orchestre Les As du Benin feat Roger Damawuzan - Tropicana Souvenir (Benin, 1973, Philips West-African Records)

Hi !

Today let's hear a nice Afrobeat track taken from the first LP by L'Orchestre Les As du Bénin : Tropicana Souvenir.

Les As du Benin was a band that used to play at the Tropicana hotel, in Lome, Togo, and the band was composed by 7 musicians :

- Beaudouin Amegee on the lead guitar & vocals
- Georges Mensanh on the bass
- Kponton Venance on the second guitar
- Leon Awoumey on the Drums
- Celestin Eklou on the Organ & vocals
- Lucien Ayite on the Congas
- Roger Damawuzan on the Congas and vocals

You would notice that the last one, Roger (he will change his name later for Dama, because of politics), became later one of the most famous Togolese musicians (but this is another history..).

Orchestre Les As du Benin - Babaa Na Ayele

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