lundi 23 juin 2014

New Selection : Anadolu Mysteries - A Trip into the Psychedelic Turkish Musical scene of the 70's

Hi Everyone !

It's been a long, too long time without selections !

Sincerely sorry for that, im working a lot at the moment on something I can't talk.. I was also digging, cleaning and organizing my records, and, also, very busy with my job (that is faaar away with records !)

So today we travel to the beautiful country of Anatolia (Anadolu) - also known as Turkey today - with a selection of 20 tracks taken from several 7 inches from my collection. 

Hope you'll enjoy this trip into the Turkish Psychedelic scene of the 70's through those Rock, Jazz, Disco and Groovy Fuzzy tracks..

Armand de Preseau - Anadolu Mysteries

You can download this selection here (as usual, right clic, "save as")

See you soon for a next selection,


3 commentaires:

  1. Fameuse musique, merci de cette sélection, mais, bon sang, pourriez-vous nous donner l'ordre des morceaux?
    Merci encore.

  2. Fantastic! I'm living in Istanbul now and would love to hear this music played out more!

  3. great mix, really enjoyed listening today. Thank you for this and all your postings. Oakland CA