lundi 23 février 2015

New Selection - Thailand Grooves

Hi dear readers !

As promised, here is my new selection, 9 7inches brought back from my recent 2 weeks trip to Thailand ! Isan, Molam, Luk Thung and Folk Tunes, hope you'll like this deep selection !

This is my Third Selection of Thai records, always the same pleasure, hope this is the same for you !

Armand de Preseau - Thailand Grooves

You can download the Selection here (As usual, right clic, "save as")

Sorry, no tracklist this time, hope you'll understand why- But music doesn't need a name to groove..

I will be back soon with a special selection !

Sincerely yours,


2 commentaires:

  1. Hi. This is a great selection. I love it. It says the "Third Flight Into the Land of Smiles". I do see one previous to this called "Luk Thung Fever". So it seems there is one more compilation in this series? Where might that collection be found? Thanks.

    1. Hello,

      In fact in my "Luk Thung Fever" article there were 2 mixes (groovy and deep), so this is why this one is a "third flight", sorry about this..
      Thanks a lot for your support !!

      Sincerely yours,