mardi 5 janvier 2016

Dan Ian and his Spades - She's A Monarch (Nigeria, 1976, Go Gay Records)


Happy New Year to everyone !!! Wish you the best !!

It's been a long time without any articles but, now, I'm back for your ears only !

Let's begin this new year with a Nigerian living legend, Dan Ian !

Born in the village of Umuezeawala in the early 50's, Dan Ian Mbaezue is a guitarist and a singer, who began his musical career in the early 60's.

He played in many well known Nigerian bands, such as The Wings, Wrinkar Experience and with other big names (Sonny Okosun..).

He recorded many singles, and a few albums through the 70's and 3 LP's with his own band, Dan Ian Spades.

He still lives today in his village.

I decided to make you discover "She's a Monarch", one of the songs taken from of his third album, accompanied by The Friimen Musik Coy, a very cool Afro Rock track !! 

Dan Ian and his Spades - She's A Monarch

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